About Me

First of all, I love spending time with Robin (my spouse), playing guitar, going to the beach, mountains, restaurants, movies, attending live entertainment events, being a downsizer-modified minimalist-downtown Knoxville resident and, in general, joyfully and productively participating in life.

In order to do these things, I must occasionally work with clients giving speeches, conducting seminars, doing one-on-one leadership development consulting, and getting involved in other such activities. I also occasionally write books and, of course, now I have officially joined the vast community of Internet bloggers.

All my work activities, blog postings, and books revolve around better understanding human behavior and learning more about proven strategies for flourishing in life (yes, in the Positive Psychology/PERMA sense for those of you who study the topic). If you are also interested in human behavior, especially as it relates to improving workplace performance and career satisfaction, contact me and let’s talk about it.

Following is a more business-like “about me” description if you prefer it:

Chris’ career reflects impressive success in the corporate world as a CPA with the accounting firm KPMG and senior executive of a Fortune 500 company; however, his true passion has always been learning, teaching, and personal development activities.

Through his own company formed in 1999, DME Training and Consulting, Chris offers leadership development consulting to business owners, executives, and those being considered for executive-level positions. His consulting practice focuses on practical and executable strategies for improving workplace performance and career satisfaction.

Chris has three children, David, Diana, and Kathryn and three grandchildren, Caitlin, Kiera, and Matthew.  He lives with his spouse Robin in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee, serves on the board of the Knoxville Transportation Authority and works with many local charitable organizations on a volunteer basis.

Chris has several published books including The Contented Achiever, Simple Works, Getting Organized, Being Productive, Getting More Done, Licking Your Elbow, Happiness, and Sifting.

Thanks so much for your interest in my blog. I sincerely appreciate it. Please subscribe and ask a few friends to take a look at it too if you feel comfortable doing so.

Joyfully participate in life today…Chris

Note: If I am speaking at your event (thank you), feel free to use all, or part, of this “About Me” section to introduce me to your attendees. 

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