Avoid Getting Hooked

Summary: “If you get hooked, someone else is controlling your behavior.” 

Getting hooked is symbolic of what happens to you when you respond unproductively to other people’s troublesome or irritating behavior. Using fishing as an example, the minute a fish takes the bait and gets hooked, the person on the other end of the pole, or reel, is very much in control of their circumstances.

When you get angry and respond unproductively to real or perceived inappropriate behavior, you are playing the role of the fish and you are giving up significant control over your circumstance to your counter-party (who in this case, is playing the role of the person fishing).

Yes, it is human nature to get hooked, but it is simply not a good idea. It rarely helps you deal with the situation effectively. It rarely helps anything.

One technique for practicing staying unhooked is learning to stay in the productive behavior modes: curiousautonomous and coaching modes (see separate postings on these topics).

However you choose to avoid getting hooked, remember that if you do get hooked, you are giving up significant control over your circumstances. You are, in effect, advertising to others that you can be easily manipulated. Wouldn’t you prefer a reputation for remaining calm in stressful or troublesome circumstances?

Don’t get hooked! Staying unhooked helps you joyfully participate in life.

Joyfully participate in life today…Chris

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