Sifting – 10: Signs it is Time

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Chapter 10: Signs it is Time

Bob: This may be a dumb question, but it’s on my mind right now: What exactly do you mean when you use the word called?

Sift: That is a good question, Bob. It simply means that some people feel a strong and often unexplainable desire to pursue a certain course of action in life.

Bob: You said “some people.” So, not all people are called to an adventure?

Sift: All humans on Earth exist to pursue their unique calling. It is just that some people are totally unaware of the concept of the call to adventure and never pause to think about such things. Others intuitively sense that something like the calling exists, but are not sure what it is all about or how to pursue it. Others are fully aware of the calling and the implications of pursuing or not pursuing it.

Bob: I think I fall in the first category. I’ve never given my call to adventure much thought. Are there other things like this I need to know about?

Sift: The call to adventure is one of the many stages of something often called “the hero’s journey.”

Bob: Hero’s journey? That sounds interesting. I want to know more about that, but first, tell me one more thing about the call to adventure. How do people know when they are being called to a new adventure?

Sift: There are many ways you can tell it is time for a new adventure. You can experience an ongoing pattern of restlessness. You can feel as is you have been there, done that with your current activities. You can find yourself inexplicably attracted to a curious element of some new adventure. You might feel a strong sense of resonance with some new experience. Maybe you just feel bored with life, or maybe your current world is disintegrating or dissolving under unusual circumstances. In general, you begin to feel as if your personal center of gravity has shifted. Your mind, your attention, or interests are being transferred to a new and different world or kind of experience.

Bob: Whoa! I’ve experienced almost all of those feelings recently. But let’s back up a minute. I’m going to put a few more logs on the fire, and then I want to know what else I need to know about this hero’s journey you mentioned a minute ago.

Sift: Okay, Bob. Take care of the fire and we will talk more as soon as you are ready.


End of Chapter 10


Author’s Notes:

Main takeaway: All humans on Earth exist to pursue some sort of unique calling.

  1. How do you feel about this idea that we are all on Earth to pursue a unique calling?
  2. Have you ever experienced any ongoing patterns of restlessness in your life that motivated you to pursue a new adventure?
  3. Do you think you are currently pursuing your true calling?

 The entire book will eventually be posted on this blog. However, if you want a copy for yourself, or as a gift for a friend, you can find it at this link: Sifting

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