Sifting – Chapter 5: Bob’s Collision with Reality

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Chapter 5: Bobs Collision with Reality

Bob hung up the phone and stared at the line-two button. The light was out; the call was over. He sank deeply into one of the plush conference room chairs, rocked backward, let his head fall back and stared at the ceiling for a moment. Then, he leaned forward and put his elbows on his knees, his face in his hands, and began talking to his outrageously expensive shoes.


“The Chinese!”



“This is unbelievable. I can’t believe this is actually happening!”

“How am I going to tell my family?”

“What will I do about the houses and the cars and the kids’ private schools? What will I do about everything?”

Had he looked out the window, he would have noticed a gleaming Gulfstream jet on its ascent and heading west, away from him, over the Pacific.

End Chapter 5


Author’s Notes:


Main takeaway: If you refuse to pursue a new adventure in life when it is time for you to do so, you will usually experience one of two things: your current world as you know it will “dry up”, become boring and you will feel a sense of restlessness (and many of the other feelings that Bob experienced in the first chapter) or, the world will somehow find a way to kick you off your current path and force you to embark on the new adventure that is meant for you.

  1. Have you every felt that your “spiritual or psychological center of gravity” has been, or is being, transferred to a new place and that it’s time for you to try something new, or do something differently?
  2. Have you ever felt, “Is that all there is?”
  3. Of the four following emotions: joy, sadness, anger and fear – which do you experience most often when considering your career, marriage, important relationships, and life in general? What are these emotions telling you about these various “adventures” in life?
  4. What new adventures are on your horizon, or in your near future?
  5. What adventures are long overdue?


The entire book will eventually be posted on this blog. However, if you want a copy for yourself, or as a gift for a friend, you can find it at this link: Sifting

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