Sifting – Chapter 7: The Voice

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Chapter 7: The Voice

“Bob, it is time for you to see clearly.”

Bob distinctly heard a soothing female voice coming from somewhere in the room. He opened his eyes and looked around. Not only did he not see anyone in the room, he didn’t see anywhere anyone could hide. He thought it was probably the scotch and his imagination. He relaxed again and sank back into the chair.

“Bob, you asked a question about what happened.”

“Who said that?”

“My name is Sift.”

More than the disembodied voice surprised Bob at this point. Intellectually, he knew that his nervous system should be on full alert. It wasn’t. Instead, he somehow felt even more relaxed than before he heard the voice. He felt centered, grounded, and connected to something incredibly nurturing and peaceful. Rather than feeling anxious, he felt totally focused and relaxed.

Maybe this was just a dream. That’s it. Maybe he was really asleep. It felt like he was awake, but that’s how dreams always feel. They feel real. Since anything can happen in dreams, Bob decided to go with the flow and see where this dream would take him. Anyhow, he hadn’t felt this good in a long time and he didn’t really want to wake up. He decided to gently nurture this dream so it would last longer.

“Sift, are you an angel, or a ghost, or are you a real person?”

“Real. Yes, a person – not in the way you understand the term person. I am an entity available to assist you with learning.”

“An entity? What exactly does that mean?”

“I am a non-intimidating source of knowledge that resides in your inner world. My purpose is to intervene when it is appropriate and help you learn and isolate what is most important and useful to you.”

“Learn about what?”

“Things you are ready to learn, Bob. Things it is time for you to learn.”

“Are you being sarcastic?”

“No, by design I am not capable of being sarcastic. In order to accomplish my purpose, I am designed to be kind, gentle, empathetic, non-judgmental, helpful, patient, and infinitely accepting. I am unable to respond to your questions in any way other than in a genuine and truthful manner.”

“So I can ask you anything?”


This is one hell of a dream! Bob thought. Considering his current reality and the issues he faced in the near future, he wanted this dream to last much longer! He remembered that the best way to keep someone engaged in a conversation was to keep them talking about themselves. He decided he had a lot of questions for, and about, his mysterious friend, Sift.

End of Chapter 7

Author’s Notes:

Main takeaway: Sift appears to somehow be a response to Bob’s curiosity. Perhaps she is a manifestation of the fact that one of the most valuable sources of wisdom is hidden in the last place most people look for it…in their inner world. People tend to favor looking in their outer world for answers to important life questions. Open your mind to Sift and listen to her statements very carefully.

  1. Who, or what, do you think Sift represents?
  2. How does Sift fit within the context of the hero’s journey?
  3. What do you think of the feelings Bob seemed to experience when he was communicating with Sift?
  4. Just think about these questions. You do not have to have answers to them? Hold them in your mind as you are further introduced to Sift.


 The entire book will eventually be posted on this blog. However, if you want a copy for yourself, or as a gift for a friend, you can find it at this link: Sifting

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    Terri Murphy - November 12, 2017

    The story is enchanting and thought provoking. I greatly anticipate the next chapter. Great work!

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