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Many of the topics that can help you joyfully and productively participate in life are introduced or addressed in my book titled¬†Sifting: A Story About Life and Well-Being. Therefore, I thought I would use Sifting as a textbook (albeit a somewhat non-traditional one) for a self-study course on well-being and flourishing. Over the next few months (on Sunday mornings), I will post the individual chapters of Sifting on this blog with author’s notes that hopefully will give you some insight on how to live well and prosper. I hope you enjoy the book and ideas. No fees, no tests…just a course to provoke your thoughts. I encourage you to spend some quality time thinking about the issues and questions listed at the end of each chapter. Here are links to each chapter in the order they were posted:

Sifting – Chapter 1: Bob’s Remaining Days on Earth (posted 10/1/17)

Sifting – Chapter 2: Bob’s Rise to the Top (posted 10/8/17)

Sifting – Chapter 3: Bob’s House of Cards (posted 10/15/17)

Sifting – Chapter 4: Bob’s View from the Top (posted 10/22/17)

Sifting – Chapter 5: Bob’s Collision with Reality (posted 10/29/17)

Sifting – Chapter 6: Mountain Home Reflections (posted 11/5/17)

Sifting – Chapter 7: The Voice (posted 11/12/17)

Sifting – Chapter 8: More About Sift (posted on 11/20/17)

Sifting: Chapter 9: The Call to Adventure (posted 11/16/17)

Sifting – 10: Signs it is Time (posted 12/03/17)

Sifting – Chapter 11: Heroes and Heralds (12/11/17)

Sifting – Chapter 12: Bob Reflects on His Current Situation (12/18/17)

Sifting – Chapter 13: The Source of the Journey (published 12/25/17)

Sifting – Chapter 14: The Busyness Trap (published 01/01/18)

Sifting – Chapter 15: The Power of Journaling (published 01/08/18)

Sifting – Chapter 16: Locus of Control (published 01/14/18)

Sifting – Chapter 17: Human Behavior and Strokes (published on 01/21/18)

Sifting – Chapter 18: Behavior Tapes (published on 01/28/18)

Sifting –¬†Chapter 19: Resetting Bob’s Direction (published on 2/4/18)

Sifting – Chapter 20: Happiness is Not Enough (published on 02/13/18)

Sifting – Chapter 21: Launching Synchronicity (published on 02/18/18)

Note: Next chapter will be posted next Sunday morning 02/25/18

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