The Power of Decisions

Summary: “Your current decisions will create your future circumstances.”

Your past decisions created your current circumstances. This includes conscious decisions and decisions you made by default. This also includes decisions you recently made that are fresh on your mind and decisions you made long ago that you may have forgotten. In a similar fashion, your current decisions are creating your future circumstances.

Therefore, you can get what you want in life, eliminate what you don’t want in life, and create the future you truly desire by becoming more aware of and focusing on the decisions you make over the next 24-hours. Forming this habit will help you joyfully participate in life.

Pause for a minute or so at the beginning and end of each day and think about the decisions you made since your last pause. Try to establish causal connections between your decisions and your current reality. It may be something very simple. For example, I feel uncomfortable because I ate too much. Keep repeating this reflection process until your awareness of the causal connections between your decisions and circumstances is something you think about on an ongoing basis.

Start today and pay close attention to how you spend your time, how you respond to people and events, what you eat, and what you drink. How will those decisions influence your future circumstances? And no matter what you decided during the past twenty-four-hour block of time, consider every new decision and every new day as an opportunity to reset your life trajectory and improve your circumstances.

If you need to pause more often than the beginning and end of each day, do so. Do whatever it takes for you to raise your awareness about how your decisions are creating your future.

If you are interested in more “food for thought” related to this idea, consider watching the video I Am by Tom Shadyac.

Joyfully participate in life today…Chris

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