Summary: “Providing one-page summaries on thought-provoking topics.” 

Welcome and thank you for taking a look at my blog on Joyfully Participating in Life.

Technically a blog is…”a regularly updated website that is written in an informal or conversational style.” I will, in fact, regularly update it with new postings, however; I hope many of you will also use it as a reference site. Rather than just reading the articles as I post them, I want this to also be a place for you to go if you are seeking thought-provoking ideas on how to joyfully and productively participate in life, or if you want to help others do so.

I love to read. I don’t mind reading 200, 300, or 400+ page books, articles, and research papers to learn something new. However, I’ve noticed that many of these resources are often quite overwritten. For example, after finishing a 300-page book, I often think it would have been better off as a 30-page book…or three-page book. Therefore, with this blog I’ll try my best to distill knowledge as much as possible.

Whenever possible, I’ll work toward sharing the essence of the books, articles and papers I’ve read, the videos I’ve watched, or just things I think about, in roughly one-page/one or two-minute summaries. In most cases, I’ll provide links or references to my main sources to allow you to dig deeper into the subject if you want to do so. Along those lines, I will also begin each post with a one-sentence summary of what I consider to be the main idea of the posting. In some cases that might be all you need to read. The writer Sydney Smith said:

“The writer does the most who gives the reader the most knowledge and takes from him (or her) the least time.”

Please visit my blog often. I write about flourishing, well-being, happiness, work, leadership, management, getting organized, personal relationships, marriage, parenting, finances, stress management, the brain, psychology, sociology, anthropology, biology, or any other topic I think will help people joyfully participate in life. I hope you use these postings as conversation starters for meaningful discussions with your boss, co-workers, staff, spouse, significant other, children and friends. Perhaps if you can’t figure out how to comfortably introduce a topic to someone, you can point them in the direction of one of my blog postings as a conversation starter. Ask them to read it and say, “What do you think about that?” Start by reading the first posting on this blog that explains the idea behind Joyfully Participating in Life.

I firmly believe that no new learning take place and no lasting change in behavior occurs unless you disrupt some of your current beliefs. If some of your current beliefs are preventing you from joyfully participating in life, I hope you find something here that helps disrupt those beliefs.

Joyfully participate in life today…Chris

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